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Q. Why should I consider a trust to be included in my Will?
A. Trust planning is about protecting your estate for your chosen beneficiaries.

Q. When would I consider trust planning?
A. It very much depends on your personal circumstances; the following are examples of when trust planning should be considered:

Children cannot take control of their inheritance until they are 18 therefore having a Children’s Trust included in your Will is essential to have their inheritance protected, invested and ready for them to inherit at an age that you determine, normally the ages that are considered suitable are 18, 21 or 25.

Beneficiaries have an addiction and you want to still ensure that they inherit but do not squander their inheritance on the addiction.

Beneficiaries are unable to act for themselves.

Children from different relationships.

Protection against hostile creditors, bankruptcy or a potential divorce of one of your children.

Planning for future generations.

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