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Why make a Will?

Everyone should have a Will but the reality is that most of us don’t have one. Without a Will your estate will pass under the laws of intestacy, meaning that who you want to inherit may not. Making a Will is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out after your death. Allguard Services can guide you through the process of making your Will to ensure it’s the ‘right’ Will for you.

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Allguard Services – Local Estate Planning Specialists
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If you are married or in a civil partnership and die without a Will do not assume that everything will go to your spouse/partner.   Your children may have a right to part of your estate. Making a Will helps to avoid family disputes.

Unmarried couples, may be treated as a single person when their partner dies and a surviving partner may get nothing at all.

Beneficiaries: Whether you are single, married or in a civil partnership making a Will allows you to choose your beneficiaries such as children, friends, parents, siblings, nephews, nieces or charities.

Guardians: For parents with children under 18 making a Will allows you to choose who you want to be the Guardians of your children. Without a Will this will be left to the Court to decide on the future of your children, and this may not be what you or your children would have wished.

Children: They can legally inherit at 18 but in some circumstances, you may feel that this is too young, by having a Will you can decide on the age your children will inherit 18, 21 or 25.

Children from different relationships: With the complexity of many modern families it is not uncommon to have children from different relationships, we can advise you how to protect your children to avoid them not inheriting what is rightfully theirs. Protect your loved ones.

Protect Vulnerable Beneficiaries: If one of your beneficiaries has an addiction but you still want them to inherit we can advise you how to achieve this in your Will.

Protect your home and assets: You can protect your home and assets from hostile creditors, bankruptcy, potential divorce of one of your children and we can show you how to protect half of your home from local authorities.

Gifts: Making a Will allows you to make specific gifts to individuals in a legacy, such as jewellery, sentimental possessions and monetary gifts.

Inheritance Tax: What do you know about inheritance tax thresholds and the new Residential Nil Rate Band? Are you in an unmarried relationship and need help to protect your assets and potentially save £130,000 in an inheritance tax liability? We can advise you.

Allguard Services can help you with the important decisions to protect your loved ones. So don’t delay – contact us today to find out more about our services and make your Will, or to book a free no obligation consultation.


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